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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Follow the Deal Investments and how does it work?

Follow the Deal Investments is a private, real estate investment firm founded by Ross McArthur and Stan Remling launched to help high performing professionals achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through the acquisition of multi-family real estate.

Is Real Estate Investing Risky?

Any investment carries risk. While we cannot guarantee anything, real estate and multi-family real estate group investing has proven to be among the safest investments available. Remember, rent keeps rising. Our process of uncovering devalued assets and turning them into desirable ones is a proven one. And we also invest right alongside our investors.

Who is Eligible to Invest with Follow the Deal Investments?

Currently, our offerings are 506b, which are accredited investors and up to 35 non-accredited investors as long as the non-accredited investors are “sophisticated”.

Where do you invest?

We focus on cash flowing, value add markets.

How long will money be in the deal?

Each investment opportunity is unique; however, we plan to refinance each property 3 to 5 years after purchase. This would allow for some, if not all, of the initial investment to be paid, as the first large liquidity event. Our goal is to hold a property for 5-10 years, although we could sell well before that if we can achieve our desired number.

What Tax Documents Should I Receive Yearly?

Our Real Estate Accounting partner will prepare K-1s every year on your behalf as part of your investment. Our goal is to deliver K-1s on, or around March 15th each year.

What type of updates and reporting will be sent?

Investors will receive quarterly updates on the performance of the property, and execution of the project’s business plan. Additionally, high-level financial statements will be sent on a quarterly basis.

Does Any Depreciation or losses get passed through to the investor?

Yes! We typically perform cost segregation studies on our assets, allowing investors to benefit from bonus and accelerated depreciation.

What if there is a market downturn?

Our investment strategy is valid for both up and down markets; however, in instances of a severe market downturn, we will revisit market rent rates to align with geographical and economic patterns to ensure positive cashflow. Market trends over the last 50 years have proven that large multifamily real estate assets are top performing assets during a market downturn.

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