Follow The Deal | Real Estate Group Investing

Benefits Of Group Investing

In the past, investing in large scale multi-family real estate projects was impossible for many individual investors due to lack of capital. Even those with enough capital to purchase a property, they lacked the time, energy, knowledge, and resources required to renovate, manage, and execute on an investment strategy.
Real estate group investing solves many of these problems. From allowing individual investors to participate in large-scale multi-family investment projects with less capital to having no responsibility of the day-to-day operations of managing the property. In a real estate group investment, the project sponsor (Follow the Deal Investments) pools funds from a group of individual investors to purchase a property. Individual investors can then earn passive income while all the legwork of the project, from acquisition, lender management, renovation management to the refinance and sale of the property is managed by Follow the Deal Investments.

Real Estate Investment Expertise

Follow The Deal is composed of professional real estate investors with years of experience and hundreds of transactions under their belt. The management team has the experience to choose wise investments and the experience to manage the real estate projects effectively.

Reduced Risk

Multiple investors are in each investment spreading out any associated financial risks versus having sole ownership (there are risks with any investment). Along with working with knowledgeable managers with significant Real Estate investing experience.

Passive Income

In real estate group investing, an investor’s responsibility for the property ends with your investment. Performance reports and distributions are provided by the management team on a quarterly basis.

Diversified Investments

Unlike a single owner, real estate investors in a group investment can diversify their real estate investments across multiple properties and projects.

Access to Larger Properties

Real estate group investing allows the investor to acquire interests in larger properties than they could own as a solo direct investor.