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Using Real Estate Investing To Leave Your Corporate Job with Ross McArthur

REI Marketing Secrets: Episode 30

Follow the Deal Investments Co-Founder, Ross McArthur shares his real estate investing journey with Trevor Oldham of REI Marketing Secrets / Podcasting You:
Using Real Estate Investing To Leave Your Corporate Job with Ross McArthur

One Bite at A Time With Ross McArthur

Diary of an Apartment Investor (June 2024)

Our Co-Founder, Ross McArthur took a break from doing a lot of podcasts 🎙. Got back at it, and this was a REALLY fun one!
This is a show (Diary of an Apartment Investor) that he personally listens to, and it just crossed their 500th episode! That is some major dedication and ‘staying power.’ He has a ton of respect for Brian Briscoe as an operator and for his overall industry knowledge.
One Bite at A Time With Ross McArthur (Diary of an Apartment Investor)

Moeller Real Estate & Business Podcast: Success Mindset with Ross McArthur

April 2024

In this latest episode of the Moeller Real Estate & Business Podcast, Ross McArthur and host Phil Moeller discuss a range of topics. Here are just a few:
Moeller Real Estate & Business Podcast

RE:INVEST Podcast: Practical Steps for Flipping Houses

January 2024

Flipping houses can be a great way to rinse and repeat, utilizing your capital to create large profits in order to invest more in real estate. In this episode, our Co-Founder Ross McArthur discusses practical steps to do your first flip with the RE:INVEST Podcast team (Garrett Gatton and Seth Ciminillo).
RE:INVEST Podcast: Practical Steps for Flipping Houses

RE:INVEST Podcast Episode 68: Real Estate Professional Designation with CPA Cam Ellis

January 2024

In episode #68 of the RE:INVEST Podcast, Cam Ellis, our expert CPA and Tax Strategist, unveils the substantial tax benefits available to real estate investors, emphasizing the value of the real estate professional designation. He explores how strategic passive investments can substantially reduce your tax bill, offering listeners a roadmap to potentially thousands in tax savings. Tune in to learn from Cam’s years of experience and discover how to make your investments work smarter for your financial future.
RE:INVEST Podcast Episode 68: Real Estate Professional Designation with CPA Cam Ellis

Foundation & Family – The Erica Diaz Show: Follow the Deal: How to Find Real Estate Investment Opportunities

January 2024

Join us as Ross, a budding real estate investor, teams up with a Central Florida Real Estate expert to share his journey from small multifamily properties in the Midwest to full-time investing. Ross delves into the nuances of his early investments, highlighting his transition from corporate America to real estate, and how leveraging resources like 401(k) loans and third-party property management played a key role. He also shares valuable insights and lessons from his foray into house flipping, including building a successful business and assembling a reliable crew.
Foundation & Family – The Erica Diaz Show

Scaling to 700 units in under 4 years while navigating a tricky debt environment

January 2024

Discover the inspiring journey of Ross McArthur in this episode of the Real Estate Hustlers Podcast, where he shares his transition from a successful 15-year career in the software industry to realizing his passion for real estate investing.
Real Estate Hustlers with Josh Appelman

Know Your Why Podcast Episode 268: Mastering Business Growth and Problem-Solving with Guest James Harhi

December 2023

Our co-founder of Thrive Property Group and serial entrepreneur, James Harhi appeared on a recent episode of “Know Your Why”. James, an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, who navigated the journey from a first-generation immigrant family to becoming a successful business owner.
Know Your Why Podcast Episode 268

RE:INVEST – How To Start a Real Estate Business

December 2023

Know Your Why Podcast Episode 266: 15 Deals in 15 Months: From Software Executive to Real Estate Tycoon

December 2023

Our very own Ross McArthur had the honor and privilege to speak with fellow investor and podcast host, Dr. Jason Balara on December 13, 2023. Jason Balara’s platform digs into more of the mindset of “why” we invest and the shifting of your thinking from a W2 employee to an entrepreneur. we hope this podcast provides a little entertainment and knowledge!
Know Your Why Podcast Episode 266

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Episode 3383: 15 Deals in 15 Months: How to Build a 600-Unit Multifamily Portfolio ft. Ross McArthur

November 2023

Ross McArthur, co-founder of Follow the Deal Investments, shares his journey in CRE investing, from being terrified to invest in a four-unit property in 2020 to closing 15 deals in 15 months to establish a 600 unit portfolio today.
Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Episode 3383

Going Long Podcast Episode 369: The Importance of Being Able to Follow The Deal For Investing Success

November 2023

Today’s guest on The Going Long Podcast, Ross McArthur, is the owner, manager, and operator of over 40 million dollars (700 Units) in Real Estate Holdings. He also owns and operates a residential flipping business that averages 30 flips per year. The group investing company that Ross co-founded is currently growing at an average of 1 property (20 -150 units) per month. His niche is finding creative ways in the current lending environment to get profitable deals to the closing table.
By the time you’re done taking in this interview you’ll be able to answer these questions and so much more:

🎯 Exactly how important is it to be able to ’follow the deal’ in Real Estate investing?

🎯 How is Ross able to leverage his previous corporate experience to find success in his current investing career?

🎯 How has Ross been able to build teams effectively to achieve success in Real Estate investing?

Going Long Podcast Episode 369

RE:INVEST – Using Velocity of Capital to Go Farther & Faster with Ross McArthur – Episode 56

November 2023

In today’s episode (#56) We interview Ross McArthur. After spending years in the corporate world, Ross made the switch in 2020 to pursue real estate. Ross put in the work, time, and money to leave corporate America and go full time into real estate in 2023.
In this journey Ross and his team have completed hundreds of transactions, scaled to 700 units in real estate holdings. He also operates a house flipping business that averages 30 flips per year. Listen in to hear his story and how he was able to scale fast!
RE:INVEST Episode 56

Axel Ragnarsson – The Multifamily Wealth Podcast – Episode 179

September 2023

We’re excited to share a captivating episode of The Multifamily Wealth Podcast, featuring our very own Ross McArthur. A former SaaS executive who pivoted successfully into real estate, Ross reveals how strategic financial planning and exemplary deal-finding acumen have propelled our growth at Follow The Deal. In this engaging conversation, Ross dives into key aspects of the real estate business, from the art of choosing the right partners to the science of managing multi-market properties.
Whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned pro, this episode is a treasure trove of insights that can help elevate your real estate investment game. Ross’s journey embodies the mission and values of Follow The Deal, offering listeners practical tips on how to make each dollar count in real estate investments. Don’t miss out on this invaluable learning opportunity!
The Multifamily Wealth Podcast