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About Us

We’ve been acquiring multi-family properties since 2020, and to date, have done hundreds of Real Estate transactions. We wholeheartedly believe that Real Estate is the best asset to earn passive income and achieve true generational wealth.
Our goal is to enhance our investors knowledge and be a part of achieving their financial goals while building legacy wealth. When we started our Real Estate Investing journey, we wanted to take control of our financial future, not only for us, but for our children. We were sick of seeing news stories (local and global) having a significant negative impact on our finances in stocks and mutual funds, and we had zero control over it.
Our journey started in January 2020, buying small multi-family cash-flowing properties, soon to have 150 units in the first year. At the same time, we also launched a fix-and-flip residential business, and currently flip 25 single family homes per year. We saw the “power” of real estate and so did our friends and family. Oftentimes, we would be asked, “How do we get started?”. We would walk them through the basics, and then the next time we would see them, it was déjà vu, and we would have the same conversation. We learned that it was difficult to take the action needed to begin on a real estate investing journey. This is when the light bulb went off for us. Everyone in our close social circle wanted to invest in real estate, but very few had the time, energy, and knowledge to do so. What if we could do all the heavy lifting for them, pool our resources together to enable investment in larger assets? In that moment, Follow the Deal Investments was born.
Today, we pride ourselves on continuously learning while educating our friends, family, and acquaintances on real estate and the power of group investing.

Ross McArthur


I have spent 15 years building, contributing, and working for software companies ranging from startups (that eventually sold to private equity companies), fortune 500 companies, and even multibillion-dollar private conglomerates.
Even though I was an executive and on a great trajectory, I wanted more and to build something for myself, my friends, and my family. Ever since I was 16 years old, Real Estate and Entrepreneurship have been calling me. In January 2020, I started my Real Estate Investing story, but it wasn’t before I spent thousands of hours learning the industry that in March 2023, I did something that I’ve only dreamt of, and I was able to leave Corporate America to focus 100% of my time and energy on my passion of Real Estate Investing.
Fast forward to now, we have completed hundreds of Real Estate transactions. I am an owner, manager, and operator of over 40 million dollars (700 Units) in Real Estate Holdings. I also own and operate a residential flipping business that averages 30 flips per year. The group investing company, I co-founded, is currently growing at an average of 1 property (20 -150 units) per month. Our niche is finding creative ways in the current lending environment to get profitable deals to the closing table.
My passion is to help educate, guide, and execute for others wanting to start or continue along their Real Estate Investing journey through the brand, Follow the Deal Investments. Our mantra is to help our partners and ourselves increase our “Velocity of Money”.
Ross McArthur
Stan Remling

Stan Remling


Stan Remling has spent over 25 years within Information Technology as both an individual contributor and leading teams to develop world-class software solutions for humans enabling experiences around the globe. From small start-ups to Fortune 50 companies spanning government, telecom, gaming and entertainment sectors. In each position, Stan instilled core tenants in his teams: do what is right, act like a human and be honest.
Even with success in the corporate world, Stan had a thirst for freedom – the freedom to play a round of golf with his wife, take his son fishing and watch his daughter’s cheerleading team. These freedoms, like most personal life rewards, are often diluted with the demands of a W2 job. It was this mindset shift that ignited his passion for financial freedom through real estate investing.
His journey to financial freedom started in 2020 when he began investing in small multi-family real estate. He learned the basics of real estate from acquisition to disposition, and everything in between. Currently, he owns, manages, and operates over $20 million in real estate holdings.
Today, Stan continues to invest in real estate through a group investment brand he co-founded, Follow The Deal Investments. Not only does he help others diversify their investments in real estate but teaches and promotes investment strategies and the freedom that comes with recurring cash flow.

Lori Franco

Asset Management and Data Analytics

Lori has 17 years of professional experience and a master’s degree (Business) in Accounting and Data Analytics. Her career started by helping her family business of 32 full service automotive repair shops in Central Florida grow and thrive before the eventual sale.
Lori then moved to Boca Raton, Florida and for the past eight years, she has worked for a multibillion-dollar hedge fund as a Senior Accountant.
She has found a passion for real estate and is an active and passive investor as she grows her own portfolio.
Lori Franco
Cam Ellis | Accounting and Tax Strategist

Cam Ellis

Accounting and Tax Strategist

Cam began his accounting career in 1994 and since then has been serving clients of all walks of life, both in a business arena as well as individuals.
He has extensive knowledge of multi-state taxation as well as estates and trusts and real estate taxation. In his career he has seen many changes to tax laws and has been able to plan and strategize with his clients to achieve their goals as these changes have occurred.
Cam is proactive with all of his clients and anticipates what needs to be done rather than be reactive. This strategy helps his clients to understand their situation “now” as well as for the future and minimizes problems that can occur.

Travis Christianson

Director of Marketing

Travis Christianson serves as the Director of Marketing at Follow The Deal. With a friendly and professional demeanor, Travis is responsible for overseeing all marketing aspects within the company, including website management, SEO, social media, and reputation management. With nearly two decades of experience in internet marketing since 2002, Travis has cultivated an extensive knowledge base, making him a valuable asset to the team.
In addition to his role at Follow The Deal, Travis is the proud founder and owner of ThriveByWeb, a comprehensive website and internet marketing platform designed specifically for real estate businesses in the United States and Canada. Established in September 2020, ThriveByWeb has experienced rapid growth and success due to its tailored approach to internet marketing solutions for real estate wholesalers, investors, agents, and property management companies.
As a seasoned professional in the field, Travis’s expertise and dedication to both Follow The Deal and ThriveByWeb have significantly contributed to their accomplishments. His ability to connect with clients and provide tailored marketing strategies makes him a trusted resource for those seeking to enhance their online presence and grow their real estate businesses. With a passion for helping others succeed in the industry, Travis continues to build upon his achievements and deliver exceptional results for Follow The Deal.
Travis Christianson | Director of Marketing