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How Forced Appreciation Increases Velocity of Money

Discover how forced appreciation can speed up the velocity of money in real estate investing. Learn from Follow The Deal, your expert guide in multi-family homes and apartment complex investments.
Posted June 7, 2023
How Forced Appreciation Increases Velocity of Money

Welcome to the dynamic world of real estate investing, where creativity, insight, and strategic action unlock potential profits. As part of the Follow The Deal team, I am thrilled to share one of the primary mechanisms to gain wealth in real estate – forced appreciation. Specifically, how it enhances the velocity of money in the context of multi-family homes and apartment complexes. This mechanism is like the fastball of a skilled pitcher, driving home a winning strategy.

What is Forced Appreciation?

To grasp the concept, imagine your house as a canvas. It is the artist’s skill and creativity that turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece. Similarly, forced appreciation is the process of increasing a property’s value through strategic improvements and changes. It’s like adding fresh paint and more refined strokes to our canvas, transforming it into a highly desirable piece of art.

For instance, revamping a property’s façade, modernizing amenities, or optimizing rent rates can increase income, thereby raising the property’s value. This approach is particularly effective with multi-family homes and apartment complexes, given their income-generating potential.

The Velocity of Money

In the real estate world, the velocity of money is akin to a well-oiled, high-speed conveyor belt, moving capital from one investment to the next, generating returns each time it is effectively deployed. In simple terms, it is the frequency at which the same money is used for different transactions. The faster your money moves, the more potential you have to create wealth.

How Forced Appreciation Influences Velocity

Here’s where our baseball analogy really hits home. Forced appreciation is the power behind your pitch. By making strategic improvements to your property, you can increase its value (forced appreciation), and sell it for a higher price.

The proceeds are then reinvested into a new property, continuing the cycle and speeding up the velocity of money. Just like a powerful fastball, it brings you closer to your wealth goals faster.

The Strategy Behind Multi-Family Homes and Apartment Complexes

When it comes to multi-family homes and apartment complexes, the strategy behind forced appreciation is more significant. These properties are considered income properties, where their value is directly tied to the income they generate. Thus, any improvements that increase rental income can exponentially amplify the property’s value.

This is akin to planting a seed that grows into a tree bearing abundant fruits. The more you nourish the tree (the property), the more fruits (income) it will bear, leading to increased property value.

Case Study – 31 Unit Property

31 Units: Start Date October 2022Prior to AcquisitionPost Acquisition – FTD Investments (May 2023)Fully Stabilized
Monthly Revenue$18,360$22,240$28,481
Yearly Revenue$220,320$266,880$341,772
Net Operating Income$121,176$146,784$187,975
Cap Rate7.25%$1,671,393$2,024,607$2,592,753
Acquisition Price$1,550,000
Increased Value$121,393$474,607$1,042,753

Making Forced Appreciation Work for You

As part of your real estate strategy, forced appreciation, combined with a careful selection of multi-family homes and apartment complexes, can supercharge your investment portfolio.

  1. Property Selection: Choose properties with untapped potential, much like a diamond in the rough. Look for strong locations with good demographics but that may need some updates or improvements.
  2. Strategic Improvements: Develop a targeted plan for enhancements. It could be as simple as landscape upgrades or as complex as adding new units. Always focus on changes that will increase rent and overall income.
  3. Professional Management: Ensure your property is professionally managed to maintain high occupancy rates and to handle any issues efficiently.
  4. Refinance or Sell: Once your property value has increased, you can refinance to pull out your increased equity or sell the property at a higher price.

Follow The Deal: Your Partner in Real Estate Investing

At Follow The Deal, we specialize in unlocking the potential of multi-family homes and apartment complexes. We are like the seasoned coaches guiding you on your path to wealth creation through real estate investing.

We invite you to partner with us, leveraging our expertise, resources, and proven strategies to supercharge your investment journey. With a clear focus on forced appreciation and accelerating the velocity of money, we aim to optimize returns on each property and investment cycle.

With us, your investment goals are not just possible; they are achievable and closer than you think. Contact us to begin your journey in the fast-paced and rewarding world of real estate investing.