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Velocity of Money: How to Fast-Track Real Estate Returns

Unravel the power of the ‘Velocity of Money’ in fast-tracking real estate returns with Follow The Deal. Learn how investing in multi-family homes and apartment complexes can supercharge your investment journey.
Posted June 12, 2023
Velocity of Money: How to Fast-Track Real Estate Returns

Welcome to another insightful exploration in the world of real estate investing. At Follow The Deal, we firmly believe that knowledge is the key to unlocking the full potential of your investments. Today, we delve into the fascinating concept of the ‘Velocity of Money’ and how you can use it to fast-track your real estate returns, specifically focusing on multi-family homes and apartment complexes.

Understanding the Velocity of Money

Firstly, let’s unravel the term ‘Velocity of Money’. Imagine a relay race where the baton (your investment) is passed swiftly from one runner (investment opportunity) to the next, each time gaining momentum and value. The speed at which the baton moves is essentially what the velocity of money refers to. It signifies how quickly an investment can be repositioned into a new opportunity to generate a return. The faster this process, the greater the potential wealth creation.

Applying Velocity of Money in Real Estate

Real estate provides a unique arena for implementing this concept. As properties can appreciate over time, investors have the opportunity to ‘pull out’ money from an investment (through refinancing or sale) and rapidly reinvest it into another, initiating another cycle of appreciation and profit.

In simple terms, it’s like a real estate conveyor belt moving at an accelerated pace, passing through stages of acquisition, appreciation, refinancing or sale, and re-acquisition. The faster and smoother this belt moves, the more value it generates.

Multi-family Homes and Apartment Complexes: Accelerators of Velocity

Now, let’s focus on our golden geese – multi-family homes and apartment complexes. These assets, due to their income-generating potential, act as turbochargers for the velocity of money. How? Let’s explore this with an analogy.

Consider an apple tree. A single apple tree can produce a multitude of apples (rental units) as opposed to one apple (a single-family home). More apples mean more income and increased property value. This increased value can then be leveraged to further accelerate your investment’s velocity.

Boosting Velocity with Strategic Approaches

  1. Property Selection: Your journey starts with choosing the right property. It’s like selecting the perfect relay runner – they need potential, capability, and the right environment.
  2. Value Addition: Once the property is acquired, it’s time to increase its speed (value). This can be through renovations, optimizing operations, or increasing rental income. It’s akin to training your runner to perform better.
  3. Refinance or Sale: Upon increased value, the property can be refinanced or sold. This phase is equivalent to your runner passing the baton (the appreciated capital) to the next.
  4. Reinvestment: Finally, the proceeds are swiftly reinvested into a new property. This keeps the relay going, creating a cycle of increasing wealth.

Your Fast-Track with Follow The Deal

At Follow The Deal, we’re not just real estate investment experts; we’re your co-pilots on the fast track of wealth creation. Our expertise in multi-family homes and apartment complexes equips us to assist you in harnessing the velocity of money effectively.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together. Get in touch with us to explore how we can fast-track your real estate returns through strategic investing in multi-family homes and apartment complexes.