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Enjoy the benefits of passive real estate investing with Follow The Deal. We help high performing professionals diversify their portfolio and thrive through the benefits of real estate investing.
Simple. Passive. Profitable.

We are a privately funded real estate investment firm specializing in the acquisition of multi-family homes and apartment complexes.

At Follow The Deal, our focus on affordable housing opportunities for tenants helps our clients achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

We Purchase

Our acquisition strategy is tailored to multi-family properties and apartment buildings that meet our specific criteria. Our priority is to generate consistent cash flow for our investors, while simultaneously maximizing equity growth through forced appreciation.

We Purchase

We Manage

We have joined forces with top tier management partners that are knowledgeable in the geographical area of our properties to help drive increased income while reducing expenses. Allowing us to maximize our returns to our investors.

We Distribute

While we expect significant equity growth, we recognize the importance of consistent cash flow. That's why we make regular distributions to our investors, usually monthly or quarterly based on the offering.


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Investing in multi-family real estate can be a lucrative opportunity for investors looking to diversify their portfolios and generate passive income. Multi-Family properties, which include apartment buildings and other types of residential properties with multiple units, offer a number of advantages over other types of real estate investments.
One key advantage of investing in multi-family real estate is the potential for stable and predictable cash flow. With multiple units generating rental income, there is less risk of vacancy or non-payment by tenants compared to single-family homes or other types of properties. Additionally, rental income from multi-family properties tends to be more consistent and less volatile than income from commercial properties, which can be affected by changes in the economy or the success of individual businesses.
Multi-Family real estate investments also offer a number of tax benefits for investors, including deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, and depreciation expenses. These benefits can help reduce the overall tax liability of investors and increase the return on their investment.
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Benefits of Investing with Follow The Deal

In the past, investing in large multi-family real estate projects was a challenge for individual investors due to a lack of capital, time, knowledge, and resources. However, real estate group investing provides a solution by enabling investors to participate in large-scale multi-family investments with less capital and without the responsibility of day-to-day operations.
Investment Expertise
Diversified Investments
Access to Larger Properties
Passive Income
Reduced Risk
Follow the Deal Investments pools funds from a group of individual investors to purchase properties, allowing investors to earn passive income while we handle all aspects of the project, including acquisition, financing, renovation, management, and sale.
Benefits of Investing with Follow The Deal

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